All of our vegetable based soaps are made with olive oil, coconut oil & palm oil.  We have the following scents available:

Earthen Rose Soap ~ This Cutch colored soap is a unique blend of Geranium & Patchouli essential oils.

Lavender Soap ~ Lightly scented with Lavender essential oil and infused with Alkanet, this is a favorite among many.

Lemon Sunrise Soap ~ Beginning with a bit of Annatto and uniquely scenting with a blend of Cedar & Lemongrass essential oils, this soap is a dynamic way to start the day.

Mint Soap ~ Scented with Spearmint essential oil with both spearmint & peppermint leaves to add a speckled appearance to the chlorophyll color makes an eye-pleasing soap.

Sierra Soap ~ A blend of Cassia & Lavendar essential oils brings a robust scent to this Paprika & Tumeric colored soap.

Winter Spice Soap ~ Cinnamon & Clove bring about a beautiful swirl to this Cinnamon essential oil scented soap.

In the unscented world, we offer the following:

Little Miss Tessie Baby Soap~ Superfatted with Calendula infused Olive oil, this extra-mild soap is a blessing to those with extra-sensitive skin.

Oatmeal Cookie Soap ~ Oats & Honey make this a great facial soap.

Grandma’s Ole’ Fashioned Soap ~ Our only lard based soap will bring you back to the days of soap making on the homestead.

All of our soaps are right at 5 oz. and may be purchased for $4.50 apiece.  Please use the Contact page to let us know you are interested in ordering some of our products.